A. About Bidbuy4u
Bidbuy4u is a company specializes in purchasing and shipping of merchandise from the United States. We possess years of experiences in online bidding and buying. We currently have offices located in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and United States.

All the goods and merchandises are shipped weekly from our Houston office via FedEx/UPS and arrival time to Hong Kong is around 4 working days! We also ship containers by sea regularly for shipping heavier and bulky products.

B. Our Services
We provide variety of services other than just purchasing and bidding online goods, we could be your intermediary for receiving goods and send back to Hong Kong (or other destinations).

Just send us Email / Whatsapp with your request to discuss!

C. Our Fees
Our service fee is just HK$40 for air shipping and HK$80 for sea shipping for each purchase.

Air shipping is USD$6 per kg while sea shipping is HK$190 per 0.1 CBM.

All fees are stated on the quotation and there is no hidden charge. You won’t be charged unless the goods are purchased successfully and arrive in Hong Kong.
Step 1: Quotation
When you see a product you are interested in, send us the link, specifications such as size, color etc. (for online bidding, also your highest bid price) via email to sales@bidbuy4u.com or via the online form.

We will send you a quotation within one working day.

Step 2: Deposit

Once you are satisfied with our quotation and want to proceed with the service, deposit half of the quoted amount for air shipment order and full amount for sea shipment order. Any remaining balance will be paid when merchandise is picked up.

Step 3: Status of order and picking up merchandises

You can check the status of the order with the invoice number.

Once goods arrive in Hong Kong, we will contact you over the phone or via email to arrange pick up/ delivery.
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